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If your child has received early intervention services in New York State we want to know their story! Please share how early intervention has helped your child learn and develop!

If you received supports and services as the parent of child enrolled in early intervention in New York State we want to know your story! Please share how early intervention helped you to understand your child's disability, or how to help your child learn and develop.

If you are a graduate of early intervention services in New York, tell us your story! We want to learn how early intervention helped you, your achievements, your successes or anything else about yourself you want to share.

How to Share Your Story

First, give your story a title, e.g., "Our Early Intervention Success Story."  Write a story, not to exceed five hundred words, about you or your child's experience, or other information you want to share with families.

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Read the "Terms and Conditions" and if you agree, select that option.  If you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions, your story will not be published on the website.  Fill out your name and contact information.  Only your first name, county and email address will be published with your story.

Once you submit your story, it could take up to 5 business days before it is published on the website.  Thank you for sharing your story with the early intervention community!

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